How You Can Help

To win a seat on the MEC board, one needs a little over 10,000 votes. To make that possible, we need 100 people to do some of the things listed below.

According to our calculations, you can do these things in about 12.5 minutes. 

Are you willing to be one of those 100 people? If you do three of the following, email and I'll thank you personally and add your name to the list at the bottom of the page.

0. Encourage people to vote (1 minute)

Post this link to the MEC voting page to Facebook, Twitter, or email and encourage people to vote for Dru Oja Jay:

1. Post the page to your Facebook profile (1 min)

Copy this url:

Go to your profile, and paste it into the status update box. Write one sentence about why you support the campaign, and post.

2. Tweet about it (30 seconds)

Log in to your twitter account. Go to this page. Click on "retweet".

3. Email 10 friends (2 min)

Pick ten friends that might be interested in this campaign, and send them a quick note, like:

Dru Oja Jay is running for the board of MEC, on a platform that includes social justice, grassroots environmentalism, Indigenous rights, support for the co-op movement, better ethical purchasing and participatory democracy. Check out this page for more information:

4. Personally endorse (5 min)

Write a line or two about why you support this campaign, and send it to . I'll add it to a page on this site, and send updates to others.

5. Email a relevant campaign "plank" to mailing lists or individuals (3min)

Just copy one of the campaign statements (see the links in the sidebar). More will be added weekly in the leadup to the election.

Bonus steps:

These take more than 12.5 minutes, but they're even more helpful:

6. Get your organization to endorse (1 hour)

Are you a part of a cooperative, collective, society, or business? Consider bringing up the possibility of an organizational endorsement at the next meeting. For extra effectiveness, send out a note to your contacts or your announcement list with a brief note explaining the endorsement and linking to this site. Be sure to cc:

7. Help get some coverage (10 minutes)

MEC's membership represents 1 in 10 Canadians. Shouldn't their board election get some coverage? Send a quick note to a local journalist or your favourite independent publication, suggesting they do an interview or write an article.

People who have helped so far:


  1. Maya Rolbin-Ghanie
  2. Amy Miller
  3. Martin Lukacs
  4. Macdonald Stainsby
  5. Hillary Lindsay
  6. Moira Peters
  7. Isabelle Viau
  8. Carole Ferrari
  9. Alberteen Spence
  10. Hazel Corcoran
  11. Sandra Cuffe
  12. Maryam Adrangi
  13. Tim McSorley
  14. Lindsay Cole
  15. Adrian Mckerracher
  16. Janna Graham
  17. Riaz Behra
  18. Alx Street
  19. Scott Harris
  20. Rob Maguire
  21. Meagan Wohlberg
  22. Bryn Rk
  23. Hania Souleiman
  24. Stefan Christoff
  25. David Heap
  26. Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta
  27. Leah Orr
  28. Derek Hogue
  29. Cat Beattie
  30. Ted Rutland
  31. Yuill Herbert
  32. Alexander Oster
  33. Dawn Paley
  34. Sara Falconer
  35. Valerie Zink
  36. Gerardo Sierra
  37. Jean-Guy Winner
  38. Yves Engler
  39. Bianca Mugyenyi
  40. Wendy Krauss-Heitmann
  41. Sid Shniad
  42. Naava Smolash
  43. Rebecca Granovsky-Larsen
  44. Greg Dean
  45. Marie-Paule Robichaud
  46. Lisa Barrett
  47. Luc Bourgeois
  48. Lindsay Telfer
  49. Myles Curry
  50. David Wilson
  51. Sharmeen Khan
  52. Seth Leon
  53. Peter Garden
  54. Jamie Kneen
  55. Mike Scott
  56. Simon Granovsky-Larsen
  57. Macho Philipovich
  58. William Hairhole
  59. Greg Macdougall
  60. Dan Kellar
  61. Mike Barber
  62. François Rancourt
  63. Harsha Walia
  64. Steve Anderson
  65. Clayton Thomas-Muller
  66. Anna Hunter
  67. Ben Sichel
  68. Roddy Doucet
  69. Brian S
  70. Angela Sterritt
  71. Tasha Rose Peters
  72. Adam Costello
  73. Stu N3atby
  74. John Wasteneys
  75. Palmira Boutillier
  76. Jesse Crass
  77. Liz Blackwood
  78. Jesse Campbell
  79. David Henry
  80. Maude Prudhomme
  81. Heather McEwen
  82. Angela Day
  83. Ricardo Acuna
  84. Jason Gonziola
  85. Ezra Winton
  86. Scott Piatkowski
  87. Nat Gray
  88. Naava Smolash
  89. John Macfarlane
  90. Tai Cheng
  91. Eryn Wheatley
  92. Omri H.
  93. Setareh Mohammadi
  94. Fiach Johnson
  95. Toban Black
  96. Shannon Walsh
  97. Sheila Muxlow
  98. Gregory S Vickrey
  99. Mel Bazil
  100. Megan Kinch
  101. Russell Charlton
  102. Rita Wong
  103. Suzanne MacNeil
  104. Kaley Kennedy
  105. Erin Brubacher
  106. Shrodinger's Cat
  107. Norma Jean MacPhee
  108. Dylan Penner
  109. Jean Desrosiers
  110. Cam Gray
  111. Cameron Fenton
  112. Amelia Clarke
  113. Dave Vasey
  114. Dexter X
  115. Allison Ariem
  116. Darvard Parkar
  117. Judy Rebick
  118. Heather Hendrie
  119. Jeh Custer
  120. Geneva Guerin
  121. Cornelius Talmidge
  122. Laird Herbert
  123. Marcella Adey
  124. John Thomas Evan Coole
  125. Aaron Chubb
  126. Rea Fenger
  127. Darryl Leroux
  128. Mireille Beaudoin
  129. Bader Takriti
  130. Nik Barry-Shaw
  131. Candace Mooers